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I got the new john mayer album a couple of days ago. Continuum. (an album name ive been struggling say properly) lols. anywhos the album is really awsome. Theres some really unusal tracks on there. From folk to blues. thers this really distinctive difference in johns sound. You can really hear the evolution from this new album from his last or even that of room for squares.

At the moment the song which ive been listening too on repeat the is "the heart of life". Its a really beutiful track. Its really different to what john has previously created. It sounds very folk like a bob dylan track. Id describe it as very mellow yet uplifting. Theres so much to like about the album. I swear once you hear his folk stuff you be like Wow . Bold as love is one of my fav jimi hendrix tracks. to be honest the original kicks ass but john mayers is good , i reckon hes done justice to the track. Not quite made it his own like hendrix doin all along the watchtower. But still awsome nonetheless. Id like to hear mayers rendition of little wing. Um another track id like to highlight fromt he albumw would be "dreaming with a broken heart" its played on piano which was sumthing i didnt expect. I like the fact that im being surprised by his tracks and its all in a good way.

 Ive waited along time for this release, and i am very happy with what hes created.  Im really enjoyin the album. Its grown on me pretty easily. man i hope he comes down here again. Ive been to his last 2 concerts (melb aus). i hope he comes back.  If you dont have the album... GET IT. dont dld it you cheapos. LOLS. haha. Jmayers on my buy actuaual cd list.
ill probably blab on more bout the album later on.
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