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John Mayer Trio Instore...

wow... okay... i don't even know how do describe yesterday.. it was a million times better then i every thought that i was going to be...

after all of the bullshit...

the rain..

the cold..

the wind...

..having to buy new pants and socks...

..standing in line for hours on end... it was all worth it and then some...

The show was absolutely amazing... being that close to them was honestly surreal...

i got such great was so cool to be able to see john "faces" live and in person sooo close up. lol

the autograph session was amazing...

at first the security guy told me that they could only sign my cd and i was sooo upset.. i told him that i had a poster and i really wanted the 3 of them to sign it.. and steve jumped in immediately and said u have a poster? great i'll sign it... i was sooo excited.. he was so nice... constantly smiling.. so i couldn't help but do the same... i told him thank you so much and that the show was we shook hands

then pino... again... all smiles and i thanked him and told him how great the show was as well...again as we shook hands

then john...

now, somehow i comepltely missed when he signed my poster.. after i was done talking to pino i looked at john expecting to see him sign it, but then i looked at the poster and he had already signed it! i was like...

Me: already signed it? i missed it..

John: Oh, you need to see it?

Me: Yeah!

John.... leans his elbow on the table... *used his finger motioning me to look him in the eye* then he proceeds to look me dead in the eyes and says "right here.." (I KNOW!!!) then after that he signed my poster again...^_^ ...and wrote "old" next to the first sig and "new" next to the new one and i told him my name was melissa and he then wrote hi melissa ^_^

then he looked at me and i was like "thank you soooo much" i stuck my hand out to shake it and he took my hand and he smiled.... and that was it ^_^ absolutely amazing here is a link to some of the pics on my photobucket..

i will put more up there later..but for new here..




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That's cool you got that moment with him. = ) Thanks for sharing your experience and your photos. I love that he used a special TRY! guitar, mind if I made an icon out of that?
u r very welcome!!
it was absolutely amazing...
anyways.. yea u can defientely use that pic for an icon..
can't wait to see it ^_^
Actually, on his MySpace, John said he's going to be giving that TRY! guitar away! At some raffle or benefit I believe it was. I'd love to win it, even though I don't play, I'd teach myself on it, haha.
i believe it's if u pre ordered try then u r eligible... i did.. maybe i'll win... lol
i doubt it..
wow. if I looked John Mayer directly in the eyes I think I might very likely hyperventilate and pass out.
i honestly don't know how i was able to continue standing... because my heart was on the floor...
i don't really know how i managed to keep my cool during that one...but i'm sooo glad i did..^_^
Awesome! I never got THAT kind of an experience, but I did get front row at the Trio concert in Myrtle Beach, and a ticket quickly signed after the show. :) Good enough for me, lol.
How awesome! ^^

Deleted comment

i did ^_^
That sounds like a dream come true!!! Must've been beyond amazing! Argh, someday...someday.... ^_^
..yes some day.. never lose hope ^_^
WOW!! That does sound AWESOME!! Your so lucky! i think i's hyperventilate and pass out aswell!
i wish john would come to australia again....
i hyperventilated and passed out after.. but during... i kept my cool.. somehow... lol ^_^