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(-: love song for no one :-)

Hello, my name is weiland_daze, and I'm a blog-aholic.

I got this bulletin on my MySpace profile where you have to choose a band/artist and fill in some answers to questions, only using that band/artist. You can very well guess who I chose.
Artist/Band: John Mayer
Are you Male or Female: Your Body is a Wonderland
Describe Yourself:> Something's Missing
How do some people feel about you: Bigger than my Body
How do you feel about yourself: My Stupid Mouth
Describe where you want to be: Why Georgia
Describe What you want: Clarity
Describe how you live: Great Indoors
Describe how you love: City Love
Share a few words of Wisdom:> Ever since I tried
Trying not to find
Every little meaning in my life, it's been fine
I've been cool with my new golden rule. ["New Deep"]

The question I have for the rest of ye 6feetsmall-ers is What is your favorite John Mayer song & why? Is it your favorite because it reminds you of someone/some point in time?

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